The Winner and Look for the Unexpected….

So, I am excited to announce the winner of the action photo shoot….and the winner is:


Contact me via my blog and we will get some awesome running pictures done!


Now, Tips for Tuesday :)

So this week I wanted to ask you to look to your creative side. Try looking for the unexpected.

I took this picture in our hotel room last year.  I set the shell on the glass and sat on the bed, I then noticed a perfect reflection of the shell.  I took out my camera and didn’t use a flash, just natural light, making sure my shutter speed was slower and aperture was set to let in a lot of light.


Isn’t beautiful?  And very unexpected.

Another way to be unexpected is to take pictures from an angle that is not normally used….

We tend to take pictures of the horizon….

Which is usually very nice.

But why not have a little fun and see something from your own perspective.

For example:

All I did was simply look up.  And you get these interesting textured images of simple palm trees.


One more example:

By simply looking down and focusing on only a small part of this vibrant plant, you are able to look past what it is and see what it is made of.  You see all the colors and imperfections that make it unique and in my opinion, beautiful.


So, this week, try to see the world in a different perspective!

Good luck and remember to have fun!





  • Jen

    Yes! I am so excited that I won and can’t believe it! Your tips are great by the way. I wish my photos turned out half as good as yours. That plant is beautiful! Framable for sure!

    • Yay! Let me know what your schedule is like and where your favorite running spot is :)

      • Oh, and thank you for the nice compliment…I love photography :)