Buried in a book…

One of my favorite things right now is seeing my 4 year old love reading.  We read with our two, soon to be three, girls every night.  They look forward to it each and every night.  Our 4 year old gets to read one book by herself while my husband and I take turns reading two other books with them.  It is a special time for us and we usually have a lot of fun with it.  Here is a great example of my girls taking what we are doing as a family and doing it together.  I will find my 4 year old reading or telling stories to her 2 year old sister and it just makes me beam!  I love this picture.  And for I Heart Faces, “no face” entry, I thought this would be perfect as both of their cute little faces are buried in a book.  I hope you enjoy!  And don’t be shy…I would love to hear from you!





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  • Cool processing and I love the shot. Sweet!

  • what a cool shot !!!

  • I think this is my favorite picture I’ve clicked on yet for this challenge! I adore it!

  • I never knew Lia only have 4 toes on one of her feet :)

  • Kim

    That is a perfect picture…it says it all

  • Niki

    Thank you everyone! @Natalia…that is funny…I didn’t even notice ;)

  • My kids are 18 months apart and I can only hope that they grow to be this close (and love to read like yours!) Great shot. Found you from iheartfaces