I was very excited to be apart of this amazing project with the talented Jen and Jackie.

We were able to get some stunning photos of the beautiful Kara.


Kara-20 copy

Kara-28 copy

Kara-18 copy

Lots of love,


(to read the full article go to the link below)


I have the awesome chance to be a stylist photographer for my adorable friend, Jenn.  I am very excited for this new opportunity.  I am changing things up a bit with my website and business very soon and can’t wait to show off the new me!  In the mean time, enjoy these fun shots!

We did about a 20 minute shoot at our community pool with this one, where Jenn modeled this adorable swim skirt.




Next we went, “back to school” and Jenn rocked this adorable tie and skirt!



Lots of love!




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