I will admit, I love blue more than I love pink.

I have never been what you would call a, “girly girl”.

And while I have bought many an adorable girls’ outfit…I have absolutely LOVED all the cute boy stuff!

Some wonderful friends of mine put on a baby shower for me…and I got some more adorable, amazingly, sweet boy outfits, blankets and burp cloths.

Thank you to all who helped, but I want to share a BIG thank you to Karen, who organized the whole thing to be around baseball and my husband’s favorite team, The Braves!


The only thing I regret is, not getting a group photo.

Thank you to all who came and those who came, but missed us because we left a little early ;)

Lots of love,


Just because your kids are not all dressed up or their hair isn’t done just right, doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing pictures to show off!

In fact, some of my favorite pictures come from my everyday portraits of my kiddos.

Their little personalities shine through, and you can usually get better smiles when they don’t feel the pressure to “smile pretty.”

Here are a few I have taken lately.

And just remember to treat the photos like you would a photo shoot, use fun angles,

cool cropping and make sure you have great light.

I also like to make a lot of these pics black and white….they just end up looking more classic, plus if there is a little blur it doesn’t show as much in black and white ;)


Lots of love,


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